Odessa Kane "GPT (Remix)" (2016)

Bambu "DePistola" (2016)

Rocky Rivera "Nom de Guerre EP (Remixed by DJ Nphared)" (2015)

The Bar "Son of Barkada" EP (2015)

Ryan Caraveo "Eat" (2015)

Grynch "My Folks' Spot" (2014)

Bambu "Day One" (2014)

The Bar "Barkada" LP (2014)
("Tuts", "Mits", "Cockfight" and "Dead Serious")

Bambu "No Waiting" (2013)

Bambu "When I Get To Minnesota" (2012)

The Bar "Nowhere" (2011)

The Physics "Coronas on Madrona" (2010)

DJ Nphared "Red October" EP (2010)

Grynch "You Know Me (Remix)" (2009)

Grynch "My Second Wind" LP (2008)
("Dear Grynch", "Euphoria" and "Home")