Episode #20 - Lord Have Mercy

Que Pasa? More jokes, more hilarity, more rants, all the shit you know and love us for. Once again, thank y’all for all the support you’ve given so far, and we want to keep hearing from you! So please keep reaching out, keep letting us know what you think, and as always, like, subscribe, review, all of that! On this episode:
0:00 What happened to Fancy? — 6:08 Nph hates on Tiffany Haddish — 22:36 Ethnic names — 41:14 Theo Huxtable’s lineup — 57:58 Vega is DC Young Fly’s #1 fan — 1:12:23 Upcoming Fantasy League DJs events — 1:35:40 Vega recites Saweetie lyrics


Episode #19 - Unite Hot Boyz And Hot Girlz

What it do? Back for that ass with some summertime podcast fun. We get our rap nerd on, our basketball nerd on, our comic book nerd on, just the typical shit you know us for. As always, please let us know what you think, don’t be afraid to reach out. Thank you all for listening! On this episode: 0:30 Doom vs Gibbs — 22:19 Zion is FAT — 55:38 Humid Seattle? — 1:09:17 Feds got R.Kelly — 1:27:11 Watching your plane’s engine malfunction


Episode #18 - Whoa N*gga We Kissed

Whatup y’all! Back from a quick lil hiatus, and we turn up the flagrancy to 11 on this one. We sincerely apologize in advance if someone walks in on you listening to this. But as always, feel free to reach out, comment and let us know what you think! On this episode: 0:35 Vega recaps Black Mirror — 12:17 Special episodes of sitcoms — 30:12 Can you beat off at the homie’s house? — 38:08 Lo reviews X-Men: Dark Phoenix — 51:35 Poison Ciroc in DR — 1:17:28 Friends vs Living Single — 1:28:12 Joining in your girl’s fight — 1:47:26 Boxing


Episode #16 - Would You Fight Him Nekid

What it aint fool? Back at it again with another week of hilarity for y’all. Extra shouts out and congratulations to Lo for the healthy birth of his baby boy over Memorial Day Weekend, and once again, thank y’all for all your support! We want to hear from you! Feel free to comment on all the social mediums @TheVNLShow, and follow each of us @ThatDJVega, @FeaturingLnO and @DJNphared, let us know what y’all think. On this episode: 1:59 NBA Finals Game 1 recap — 5:00 Wack100 vs Mike Tyson — 28:49 Winning the lottery — 40:14 Knock it off UNO — 51:15 New comedians — 1:05:11 Getting cheated on — 1:13:45 Nph and Vega rant on Dick Yelp — 1:23:53 Barbecue — 1:49:04 Hawks v. McDowell — 2:08:38 Dick pills — 2:14:50 Boondocks byke? — 2:27:22 Copy cat kids


Episode #15 - Safe Space

What it is? Another week, another episode of that hilarity for you. We get extra bold on this one, so you might not want any young ears nearby for some of this. And again, thank y’all for all your support and for listening! On this episode: 0:00 Girls with grills — 2:44 Loqueesha — 15:32 Lo reviews Detective Pikachu — 28:39 Vega FINALLY sees John Wick — 51:15 PornHub rabbit hole — 1:10:02 American Gladiators — 1:45:50 Balcony sex — 2:11:58 Nph thinks Furious Styles is a bad father — 2:24:21 NFL weed 


Episode #14 - Niggardly

What the dilly yo? Another week, another episode of hi-jinx and jokes. We get deep into debate on this episode, so make sure and reach out to let us know your thoughts. And as always, thank you all for the support! On this episode: 1:29 Speed Dating — 9:32 Don’t Fact Check Nph — 27:35 Hood Movies vs Black Movies — 49:53 Gary Owen’s Filmography — 1:06:16 Nph’s neighbor calls him a nigger — 1:24:10 KD’s hair vs LeBron’s hair vs Jamie Foxx’s hair — 1:42:20 Nph and Vega debate who’s better at Street Fighter — 1:54:55 RIP The Red Ranger — 2:02:21 Lo’s movie reviews


Episode #13 - The Chingy Hole

Que lo que? Back at it again this week with our highest levels of degenerate behavior so far. Shout out to the homie KB, who unfortunately got stuck with a half-broken mic, so apologizes for the less than stellar sound quality. You’ll still get more than your fill of problematic laughs off this episode tho, so enjoy! In this episode: 6:15 Oh Ayesha — 12:47 Police scare us unexpectedly — 20:03 Porno plots in real life — 26:45 Nordic goddess tournament — 37:44 Sex cramps — 51:28 What if the best Spades player in the world was White? — 1:28:03 Beard weaves — 1:53:02 YouTube rabbit holes — 2:07:59 More Marvel nerd talk