Episode #27 - garlicsaltbae69

We back! Still recovering from The Biscuit Challenge, thank you all for the positive feedback and biscuit suggestions. Enjoy another episode of our illustrious bullshitting! On this episode: 1:14 - Biscuit Challenge Recap — 8:45 - Joker Recap (SPOILERS) — 22:13 Vega’s PornHub Account — 30:14 If Vega and Ezekiel Elliot met — 38:31 Amerie vs Cassie — 50:38 Lo discovers the truth about the WSU logo — 1:06:02 Grand Theft Auto: Medina — 1:14:51 Drive-by cheesing — 1:23:21 Jeopardy! — 1:30:28 SAT scores


Episode #25 - When Was 9/11?

What it is?? Back at it for another week. Unfortunately, due to some logistical complications, we had to postpone The Biscuit Challenge for a week, but we will be bringing you that battle of the titans next week, so be ready! We get random and goofy on this one, so strap in and enjoy the hilarity! On this episode: 0:00 Lo got something to get off his chest — 15:24 When a fireball from the sky hits your car — 33:22 Manscaping — 45:36 Are we already dead? — 1:02:13 Teriyaki Snitchnine — 1:14:32 The Seattle Dragons — 1:23:55 Can Vega and Lo name WNBA teams? — 1:30:54 One Gotta Go: Comedy Edition


Episode #24 - Mother Nature is CRAZY

What’s really good?? We back at it off vacations, recapping travels and go off on hella random tangents. HOWEVER, we get to announce to y’all that next week, we will be doing The Biscuit Challenge. Listen to the pod for more details, but we about to make history next week (maybe). Anyways, thank y’all for the support, especially our international listeners! We see y’all (or maybe it’s just y’alls VPN, who knows). Either way, we appreciate you listening and hope you enjoy! On this episode: 0:55 Lo recaps his trip to Philly — 10:19 Lo Reviews the Wu-Tang series — 22:00 The Biscuit Challenge — 29:07 Vega recaps his Maui trip — 37:10 Fighting a plane hijacker — 46:15 Nph defends Ashanti from slander — 54:14 Raiden drops by the podcast — 1:04:15 Will the iPhone 11 improve the quality of sex tapes? — 1:18:41 Vega wins a Smash Bros tournament — 1:30:07 Remembering The Jacksons mini-series


Episode #23 - They Played Bachata?

Whatup y’all? So we get racist on this one. And by racist, I mean we talk about race, and in 2019, talking about race, means you’re the real racist. We get REALLY real on this (really real son), but there’s plenty of laughs to be found as usual. Thank y’all again for all the support, we see the numbers climbing, so keep spreading the word! On this episode: 5:15 Orenthal James Simpson — 22:39 Does The Rock do PEDs? — 32:17 Dave Chappelle and Cancel Culture — 43:40 Can you be funny and HELLA rich? — 57:40 Covert vs Overt Racism — 1:06:21 Nph rants on Hollywood & Black barbers — 1:13:12 Bringing bae to your fantasy football draft — 1:28:40 New Little Brother album — 1:39:54 Getting booed/heckled on stage


Episode #22 - That's My Purse!

Aloha! Nph is back from Hawaii and we are back for more jokes and banter about the REAL issues we face. Again, thank y’all for the support, we been noticing the numbers rising so keep spreading the word! Appreciate each and every one of y’all! On this episode: 0:46 Vega vs Zeke Pt. 73 — 10:02 Are you in a girl’s Top 5? — 17:31 “The Boys” deep dive — 29:04 Black Ty — 38:54 Spider-Man don’t feel too good — 48:23 CHICKEN — 1:00:16 Don’t ask Vega for his fruit — 1:11:01 Women targeting Men with young daughters — 1:18:54 The Jay-Z thing — 1:24:53 A honest talk on Kaep, the football player — 1:40:54 Effin A, Fantasy Football RB talk


Episode #21 - My Krumping Days

What’s hannin? Back for more hilarity, we brought snacks and deep thoughts on current and not so current news, so press play and enjoy the premium content cascading on your ear drums. Thank y’all for the continued support! On this episode: 0:00 Lo’s PBJ sammiches — 18:48 Vega talked about his days as a Krumper — 41:43 Would you take Male birth control? — 50:16 Realistic sex scenes in TV/FIlm — 1:02:08 Johnny’s vs Lawry’s — 1:15:40 Lo vs Vega in hoop — 1:25:33 Love and Basketball karaoke


Episode #20 - Lord Have Mercy

Que Pasa? More jokes, more hilarity, more rants, all the shit you know and love us for. Once again, thank y’all for all the support you’ve given so far, and we want to keep hearing from you! So please keep reaching out, keep letting us know what you think, and as always, like, subscribe, review, all of that! On this episode:
0:00 What happened to Fancy? — 6:08 Nph hates on Tiffany Haddish — 22:36 Ethnic names — 41:14 Theo Huxtable’s lineup — 57:58 Vega is DC Young Fly’s #1 fan — 1:12:23 Upcoming Fantasy League DJs events — 1:35:40 Vega recites Saweetie lyrics