Episode #15 - Safe Space

What it is? Another week, another episode of that hilarity for you. We get extra bold on this one, so you might not want any young ears nearby for some of this. And again, thank y’all for all your support and for listening! On this episode: 0:00 Girls with grills — 2:44 Loqueesha — 15:32 Lo reviews Detective Pikachu — 28:39 Vega FINALLY sees John Wick — 51:15 PornHub rabbit hole — 1:10:02 American Gladiators — 1:45:50 Balcony sex — 2:11:58 Nph thinks Furious Styles is a bad father — 2:24:21 NFL weed 


Episode #14 - Niggardly

What the dilly yo? Another week, another episode of hi-jinx and jokes. We get deep into debate on this episode, so make sure and reach out to let us know your thoughts. And as always, thank you all for the support! On this episode: 1:29 Speed Dating — 9:32 Don’t Fact Check Nph — 27:35 Hood Movies vs Black Movies — 49:53 Gary Owen’s Filmography — 1:06:16 Nph’s neighbor calls him a nigger — 1:24:10 KD’s hair vs LeBron’s hair vs Jamie Foxx’s hair — 1:42:20 Nph and Vega debate who’s better at Street Fighter — 1:54:55 RIP The Red Ranger — 2:02:21 Lo’s movie reviews


Episode #13 - The Chingy Hole

Que lo que? Back at it again this week with our highest levels of degenerate behavior so far. Shout out to the homie KB, who unfortunately got stuck with a half-broken mic, so apologizes for the less than stellar sound quality. You’ll still get more than your fill of problematic laughs off this episode tho, so enjoy! In this episode: 6:15 Oh Ayesha — 12:47 Police scare us unexpectedly — 20:03 Porno plots in real life — 26:45 Nordic goddess tournament — 37:44 Sex cramps — 51:28 What if the best Spades player in the world was White? — 1:28:03 Beard weaves — 1:53:02 YouTube rabbit holes — 2:07:59 More Marvel nerd talk


Episode #12 - How You Drown On A Boat

Hi haters we back off hiatus! It’s been a minute, I hope y’all didn’t miss us too much. We’re back in the shits like we never left and get extra nerd on this one fresh of Avengers: Endgame. Hope y’all enjoy it! In this episode: 1:43 Story Time With Lo — 10:08 Endgame Recap (Spoiler Alert) — 35:15 Shang-Chi and Asian representation in Hollywood — 39:16 KFC Biscuits vs Popeye’s Biscuits — 53:10 Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer — 1:02:31 Measles talk — 1:14:42 Vega Questions — 1:30:38 Russell Wilson vs Vega — 1:44:40 Lo gets put on to Seinfeld — 2:00:00 Lo almost drowns on a boat — 2:08:00 Black Tacos debate — 2:16:27 CrasH Talk


Episode #11 - Tinder... For Fights

What’s poppin with the population? Back again with another episode after a rough week. We go the full range on this one, from our usual hilarious hi-jinx, to sharing our thoughts on Nipsey and sharing some stories of our personal interactions with him. RIP to Neighborhood Nip. In this episode: 0:30 MCU marathon challenge — 15:11 Tinder… for fights — 27:02 Backstreet’s back, ALRIGHT! — 41:21 Cologne science with Lo — 53:00 Conor need to chill — 1:15:40 Racist Tolo ask — 1:32:56 Lo reviews the film “All Eyez On Me” — 1:53:00 Lo and Vega play “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” live (foreal foreal tho) — 2:14:04 We remember and share thoughts on Nipsey and his impact


Episode #10 - Zesty Z

What’s hanannin??? Nph was on vacation last week in El Paso and Vega’s traveling for a DJ gig at PAX East in Boston this week, so here’s a special mid-week edition of the podcast! In this episode: 0:00 Coolio’s greatest hits — 6:33 Bad credit talk — 20:25 Nurkic injury live reaction — 36:15 Vega got jumped into Pretty Ricky — 43:40 Short celebrities — 53:21 Lo sees a movie before Vega — 1:11:36 Tall tee science with Lo — 1:27:07 Casino circuit rappers — 1:33:53 Breaking down LL Cool J lyrics — 1:42:10 “The Lo Down” — 1:53:23 Minimum clothes rules around the homies — 2:10:33 RIP Soul One


Episode #9 - MMMMM

Holla at ya boys! This might be our most dysfunctional episode yet, mainly due to our special guest, the homie Ryan Caraveo causing all kinds of chaos. The director’s cut of this podcast will never see the light of day, and we almost crash the ship at the end, but you’re gonna enjoy the hell out of this. In this episode: 5:42 Ryan’s LA Life — 13:27 Blueface’s potential movie career — 19:06 Drugs — 27:23 Trippin balls at Sasquatch — 38:10 Snake fear — 55:02 Vega for Class President — 1:01:12 Time Travel — 1:09:32 The juice game — 1:17:00 Live Monopoly podcast? — 1:37:15 Ryan gives an update on new music — 1:41:05 An offer Vega can’t refuse


Episode #8 - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson

What’s really good?? We back in cockpit again for this week’s voyage, joined by our very first special guest, the homie Shan! So get ready for even more hi-jinx and ridiculous ass conversation, because we definitely turn it up to 11 on this one. In this episode: 3:20 Robert Sylvester Kelly — 8:50 Liking old IG pics of girls on the homie’s phone — 14:12 Clippers jersey sponsor should be Vivid Entertainment — 22:26 Better rapper: Riley Reid or Chanel West Coast? — 30:59 Does ole girl get her $100K back from R.Kelly? — 38:24 Personal anxieties in jail — 53:26 How much to fight 1 round with current-aged Mike Tyson — 1:00:35 Tacko Fall — 1:18:14 Fist fighting with kids — 1:30:19 A very problematic hot teacher convo — 1:43:10 Lo hates Cheaters — 1:52:05 Does Paige have the best sex tape ever?