Episode #1 - Deuces to R. Kelly

Welcome to the debut of The VNL Show with Vega, Nph and Lo. Tune in to hear us argue, banter and crack jokes about everything and nothing at all. In this episode: 00:13 - Reactions to “Surviving R. Kelly” and his official banishment — 09:44 - Other creepers in the industry, reminiscing about “Smart Guy” and “Boy Meets World” — 13:15 - Dudes that hang out at High Schools after graduating — 18:37 - 6th Grade Camp, and if your camp counselors was getting it in — 26:07 - What was the better Black movie experience of 2018, “Black Panther” or “Superfly”? — 37:44 - The death of football commercials, if Lo would be a good coach — 40:26 - White Quarterbacks at HBCUs and breaking down the cast of “Grambling's White Tiger