Episode #8 - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson

What’s really good?? We back in cockpit again for this week’s voyage, joined by our very first special guest, the homie Shan! So get ready for even more hi-jinx and ridiculous ass conversation, because we definitely turn it up to 11 on this one. In this episode: 3:20 Robert Sylvester Kelly — 8:50 Liking old IG pics of girls on the homie’s phone — 14:12 Clippers jersey sponsor should be Vivid Entertainment — 22:26 Better rapper: Riley Reid or Chanel West Coast? — 30:59 Does ole girl get her $100K back from R.Kelly? — 38:24 Personal anxieties in jail — 53:26 How much to fight 1 round with current-aged Mike Tyson — 1:00:35 Tacko Fall — 1:18:14 Fist fighting with kids — 1:30:19 A very problematic hot teacher convo — 1:43:10 Lo hates Cheaters — 1:52:05 Does Paige have the best sex tape ever?