Episode #13 - The Chingy Hole

Que lo que? Back at it again this week with our highest levels of degenerate behavior so far. Shout out to the homie KB, who unfortunately got stuck with a half-broken mic, so apologizes for the less than stellar sound quality. You’ll still get more than your fill of problematic laughs off this episode tho, so enjoy! In this episode: 6:15 Oh Ayesha — 12:47 Police scare us unexpectedly — 20:03 Porno plots in real life — 26:45 Nordic goddess tournament — 37:44 Sex cramps — 51:28 What if the best Spades player in the world was White? — 1:28:03 Beard weaves — 1:53:02 YouTube rabbit holes — 2:07:59 More Marvel nerd talk