Episode #14 - Niggardly

What the dilly yo? Another week, another episode of hi-jinx and jokes. We get deep into debate on this episode, so make sure and reach out to let us know your thoughts. And as always, thank you all for the support! On this episode: 1:29 Speed Dating — 9:32 Don’t Fact Check Nph — 27:35 Hood Movies vs Black Movies — 49:53 Gary Owen’s Filmography — 1:06:16 Nph’s neighbor calls him a nigger — 1:24:10 KD’s hair vs LeBron’s hair vs Jamie Foxx’s hair — 1:42:20 Nph and Vega debate who’s better at Street Fighter — 1:54:55 RIP The Red Ranger — 2:02:21 Lo’s movie reviews