Episode #12 - How You Drown On A Boat

Hi haters we back off hiatus! It’s been a minute, I hope y’all didn’t miss us too much. We’re back in the shits like we never left and get extra nerd on this one fresh of Avengers: Endgame. Hope y’all enjoy it! In this episode: 1:43 Story Time With Lo — 10:08 Endgame Recap (Spoiler Alert) — 35:15 Shang-Chi and Asian representation in Hollywood — 39:16 KFC Biscuits vs Popeye’s Biscuits — 53:10 Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer — 1:02:31 Measles talk — 1:14:42 Vega Questions — 1:30:38 Russell Wilson vs Vega — 1:44:40 Lo gets put on to Seinfeld — 2:00:00 Lo almost drowns on a boat — 2:08:00 Black Tacos debate — 2:16:27 CrasH Talk