Episode #16 - Would You Fight Him Nekid

What it aint fool? Back at it again with another week of hilarity for y’all. Extra shouts out and congratulations to Lo for the healthy birth of his baby boy over Memorial Day Weekend, and once again, thank y’all for all your support! We want to hear from you! Feel free to comment on all the social mediums @TheVNLShow, and follow each of us @ThatDJVega, @FeaturingLnO and @DJNphared, let us know what y’all think. On this episode: 1:59 NBA Finals Game 1 recap — 5:00 Wack100 vs Mike Tyson — 28:49 Winning the lottery — 40:14 Knock it off UNO — 51:15 New comedians — 1:05:11 Getting cheated on — 1:13:45 Nph and Vega rant on Dick Yelp — 1:23:53 Barbecue — 1:49:04 Hawks v. McDowell — 2:08:38 Dick pills — 2:14:50 Boondocks byke? — 2:27:22 Copy cat kids