Episode #20 - Lord Have Mercy

Que Pasa? More jokes, more hilarity, more rants, all the shit you know and love us for. Once again, thank y’all for all the support you’ve given so far, and we want to keep hearing from you! So please keep reaching out, keep letting us know what you think, and as always, like, subscribe, review, all of that! On this episode:
0:00 What happened to Fancy? — 6:08 Nph hates on Tiffany Haddish — 22:36 Ethnic names — 41:14 Theo Huxtable’s lineup — 57:58 Vega is DC Young Fly’s #1 fan — 1:12:23 Upcoming Fantasy League DJs events — 1:35:40 Vega recites Saweetie lyrics