Episode #22 - That's My Purse!

Aloha! Nph is back from Hawaii and we are back for more jokes and banter about the REAL issues we face. Again, thank y’all for the support, we been noticing the numbers rising so keep spreading the word! Appreciate each and every one of y’all! On this episode: 0:46 Vega vs Zeke Pt. 73 — 10:02 Are you in a girl’s Top 5? — 17:31 “The Boys” deep dive — 29:04 Black Ty — 38:54 Spider-Man don’t feel too good — 48:23 CHICKEN — 1:00:16 Don’t ask Vega for his fruit — 1:11:01 Women targeting Men with young daughters — 1:18:54 The Jay-Z thing — 1:24:53 A honest talk on Kaep, the football player — 1:40:54 Effin A, Fantasy Football RB talk