Episode #23 - They Played Bachata?

Whatup y’all? So we get racist on this one. And by racist, I mean we talk about race, and in 2019, talking about race, means you’re the real racist. We get REALLY real on this (really real son), but there’s plenty of laughs to be found as usual. Thank y’all again for all the support, we see the numbers climbing, so keep spreading the word! On this episode: 5:15 Orenthal James Simpson — 22:39 Does The Rock do PEDs? — 32:17 Dave Chappelle and Cancel Culture — 43:40 Can you be funny and HELLA rich? — 57:40 Covert vs Overt Racism — 1:06:21 Nph rants on Hollywood & Black barbers — 1:13:12 Bringing bae to your fantasy football draft — 1:28:40 New Little Brother album — 1:39:54 Getting booed/heckled on stage