Episode #24 - Mother Nature is CRAZY

What’s really good?? We back at it off vacations, recapping travels and go off on hella random tangents. HOWEVER, we get to announce to y’all that next week, we will be doing The Biscuit Challenge. Listen to the pod for more details, but we about to make history next week (maybe). Anyways, thank y’all for the support, especially our international listeners! We see y’all (or maybe it’s just y’alls VPN, who knows). Either way, we appreciate you listening and hope you enjoy! On this episode: 0:55 Lo recaps his trip to Philly — 10:19 Lo Reviews the Wu-Tang series — 22:00 The Biscuit Challenge — 29:07 Vega recaps his Maui trip — 37:10 Fighting a plane hijacker — 46:15 Nph defends Ashanti from slander — 54:14 Raiden drops by the podcast — 1:04:15 Will the iPhone 11 improve the quality of sex tapes? — 1:18:41 Vega wins a Smash Bros tournament — 1:30:07 Remembering The Jacksons mini-series