Episode #25 - When Was 9/11?

What it is?? Back at it for another week. Unfortunately, due to some logistical complications, we had to postpone The Biscuit Challenge for a week, but we will be bringing you that battle of the titans next week, so be ready! We get random and goofy on this one, so strap in and enjoy the hilarity! On this episode: 0:00 Lo got something to get off his chest — 15:24 When a fireball from the sky hits your car — 33:22 Manscaping — 45:36 Are we already dead? — 1:02:13 Teriyaki Snitchnine — 1:14:32 The Seattle Dragons — 1:23:55 Can Vega and Lo name WNBA teams? — 1:30:54 One Gotta Go: Comedy Edition